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INIZI Manta Necklace has arrived

Our show-stopping Manta Necklace is now available at our online store. Inspired by up-close encounters while snorkelling among these magnificent creatures, the necklace is created to capture their beauty and grace.

This elegant and versatile necklace can be worn two ways.

As a necklace—which combines the imaginative use of sterling silver, pearls, citrine and yellow sapphires—it is clearly an absolutely stunning statement piece.

Or wear it as a pendant with a sterling silver chain. The centrepiece manta can be easily removed and worn as a pendant on the adjustable chain which is provided. The necklace takes on a totally different look; the lone manta becomes a strong focal interest.

Manta Ray Sterling Silver Necklace with Citrine and Yellow Sapphires by INIZI

In designing and creating the INIZI Manta Necklace, my emphasis was to capture the elegance and fluidity of their captivating form.

Citrine and yellow sapphires are featured on the bodies of the mantas as they are like sunshine reflecting off the waters. The silk-knotted string of pearls are like bubbles that appear everywhere in the water when mantas are close by.

The combination of sterling silver, which is a metal from the ground, and pearls, which is calcium and comes from the sea or river, gives a contrast that is unique. Yet both flow seamlessly in the design.

This necklace is lovingly fabricated by hand. The manta pieces are hand-sawn, hammer-textured, drilled and forged. Each gemstone is carefully selected before it is set.

I hope you like the Manta Necklace. Perhaps, like it enough to own one.

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